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April 12, 2013
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Silver by SparkleStock by pstutorialsws Silver by SparkleStock by pstutorialsws
The best way to convert your photos into B&W is with these Photoshop actions by SparkleStock. They let you emulate B&W films from Agfa, Kodak, Fuji, and more. This B&W action pack contains 8 film emulations, 6 film contrast effects, and 2 real film grain textures. Download them today!

Free download includes:
  • 8 Film Emulations: Agfa APX, Foma FOMAPAN, Fuji Neopan, Ilford Delta, Kodak HIE, Kodak T-MAX, Polaroid 672, Rollei Retro 80s
  • 5 Color Filters: Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow
  • 6 Contrast Effects: Low Contrast (0, +1, +2) & High Contrast (0, +1, +2)
  • 2 Film Grain Textures: Kodak T-MAX 400, Kodak T-MAX P3200

Premium download includes these additional actions:
  • 20 more Film Emulations: Agfa Isopan Record, Agfa Scala, Fuji Neopan Acros, Ilford Delta Acros, Ilford HP5, Ilford HP5 Plus, Ilford SFX, Ilford XP2 Super, Ilford PAN F Plus, Kodak T-MAX P3200, Kodak Technical Pan,
  • Kodak TRI-X, Konica Infrared 750nm, Polaroid 664, Polaroid 667, Rollei IR, Rollei Ortho, Rollei Retro 100 Tonal
  • 9 more Contrast Effects: Low Contrast Flat (0, +1, +2), Low Contrast Curvy (0, +1, +2), High Contrast Midtones (0, +1, +2)
  • 6 more Film Grain Textures: Agfa Scala 200, Fuji Neopan Acros 100, Kodak TRI-X 320, Ilford HP5 Plus 400, Foma FOMAPAN 400, Ilford Delta 3200 Pro

See it in action:

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super flot. thanks
tx a great lot for these super actions!!!
JackyStock Jun 28, 2013
Thx! Great job! :happybounce:
KrisVlad Apr 17, 2013   Photographer
I like the actions you put up, but I can't get a chance to use them cause my Macbook can't read .rar files.

Maybe I'm just an idiot and don't know an alternative way to open it.
It's a ZIP file (not a rar file) and you should be able to extract it. I tried it on my Mac and it works too.
KrisVlad Apr 21, 2013   Photographer
Thanks! It worked like a charm on my PC. I'm not sure what went wrong on the Mac.
k-talyst Jun 28, 2013  Professional General Artist
use stuffitexpander on Mac. would work to read & extract any archived files.
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